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The statement is also enshrined in the Recommendation. 2/2001 that the European authorities for the protection of personal data gathered by the Group established. 29 of Directive n. 95/46/EC, adopted on 17/05/2001 to establish minimum requirements for collecting personal data online, and in particular the manner, timing and nature of the information that data controllers must supply users when they connect to web pages regardless of the purpose of the link. The information contained in the site also meet the compliance requirements dictated by different statutory provisions and have been updated according to the Law No. 7 July 2009. 88 as the standard implementation of the Community Law in fiscal 2008.


Within the present context the term given to the customer meant all information given freely by the user-client or potential client-user in the forms available on this site. These include some identifying information relating to purchasing preferences, bank information, information of third parties linked to the user, e-mail and ordinary legal value, mobile number and home address is required to complete the sale on the path line. With regard to the type of information acquired is clear that they refer only to what is contained in the relevant sessions of the site; are not processed and stored data specifications, as published online.


For the purposes of the principles of transparency and fairness enshrined in the Privacy configuring a title belonging directly to the treatment LOVBYLOV Group OÜ, whose full details are given on the home page. The domain is owned by the same owner that is regularly made out.


Treatment related to the services on this web site are at the registered office mentioned above and is overseen by the owner to make certain that provides both graphical changes is to manage, control, update articles and sales. For the sake of transparency it should be noted that the domain is supported by an external provider with responsibility for the operation and safety and that, in case of violations, is subject to the responsibilities dictated by the specific standards in the industry.


The customer just like HR is a key asset for FAKBYFAK against which policies must be activated in continuous improvement in terms of quality and professional service.

This company always confronts the client believing that having an open mind to accept advice and criticism, plays an important role in the growth of the company, of course it all makes sense and is useful if the observations, although negative, have occurred by a desire to be constructive and not pure spirit of contradiction.

It important that staff adopt a style of behaviour towards the customer based on respect for individuals, civil education, the kindness and professionalism. The company is committed to making clear and understandable way to communicate with their customers resorting to the use of different forms: e-mail, brochures, events. They banned all the behaviours of customers faces theft, deception and insult.


Relationships with suppliers and business partners are based on finding the right balance competitive. These transactions are conducted in a spirit of loyalty and professional integrity. The policies established by "suppliers" are met by the company. FAKBYFAK intends to maintain an open dialogue with suppliers in line with good commercial practices even before the occurrence of problem situations.

Following the same line of conduct traced for staff and customers, the company believes it is important to adopt a spirit of cooperation with each supplier or business partner so that together achieve the common goal represented by customer satisfaction in terms of quality, cost and delivery times.


The activity was conducted in accordance with the accounting rules laid down by our legal system and, in the case of relations with foreign countries, in accordance with the relevant tax laws. The management of the accounts is entrusted to the employees with the support of external professionals.

Every accounting transaction is performed and recorded together with the corresponding documentation in support of facilitating the control phase, tracking of activities and highlighting the responsibilities of each operator. The use of corporate funds for improper or illegal purposes is strictly prohibited and severely punished.

FAKBYFAK compliant with money laundering and prevents the performance of potentially hazardous operations or otherwise not in accordance to what has been issued in tax and tax.


FAKBYFAK is a leading company that pursues policies for improvement even in technological terms. As a result, this firm is sensitive to the risks associated with the increasing use of information, so the owner has already introduced measures to protect, above all, you have defined a particular policy of continuous monitoring aimed at ensuring continuity of work and the integrity of the information.


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