Introducing «Snapshot» — our new project, created in association with CVΛ. With this project we would like to give a new meaning to the existence, starting with our own. We are open to collaborate with those who are not afraid to be adventurous, even a bit rebellious to change the world. This way we managed to bring diversity to our ideas and go beyond our own limitations.

The project is conceived as a series of snapshots, each one, foremost, telling a story around and about the personality with whom the episode is shot: artists, talents in wide meaning, other words — visionary leaders in particular sphere. Eight characters will take part in the shootings.

Our heroes are people, who may not be very well known in mass culture. Nevertheless, each of them is special in their field and certainly has influenced many trends or became their invisible guides.

What unites them all — is the desire to change the world through their creativity, through their distinct and integral view of things. In each photograph we combine the visual language and the cultural background of the character with the values of FAKBYFAK, and through this research we broadcast newly found messages and meanings to others.

FAKBYFAK frames were used in this shootings as a binding element that creates the links between each of the project’s participants, FAKBYFAK identity and our global community. This experimental project will wrap up with a photography exhibition in one of the contemporary art galleries and a fashionable soiree in Los Angeles this year.


Los Angeles, Directed by Yvy Millän
Sunglasses: FAKBYFAK Black Mantis

Pilar Zeta — an Argentinean artist, graphic designer, and fashion designer best known for her surrealist album covers and collaborations with Cold Play, Everything but the Girl and Jimmy Edgar. A lifelong fan of ancient art, time travel, mystical teachings, Zeta explored ideas of dimensions through fashion. Her one-off collection, Holographic Universe, which debuted in Los Angeles before showing in Paris and New York, radiated late 20th century retro-futurist that exudes Pilar’s holistic mixed-media technique and spiritual consciousness.