A film for Walter Van Beirendonck and FAKBYFAK

The Abyss is an experimental film project by FAKBYFAK and TREMORS that supports and shares the works of emerging creatives across the worlds of fashion, beauty, music and art through three visually entrancing and thought-provoking stories.

Each film takes inspiration from Walter van Beirendonck x FAKBYFAK’s eyewear collection, Toy Glasses, which references Alice in Wonderland, early 70s punk culture, wild and colourful make-up, brutal beauty, and multiracialism.

Walter van Beirendonck: ‘It is important to experiment and challenge boundaries’.

FAKBYFAK’s co-founder and CEO Alex Melnikov: ‘We have tried to combine the visual language and the cultural background of the filmmakers with the collection’s moods and inspirations, and through this research we broadcast newly found messages, opportunities and meanings to others’.

TREMORS creative director Maks Fus-Mickiewicz worked with muses he met online and in London club nights, such as The Abyss, to create three videos titled Brutal Love, Total Liquidity, and Self Destruction.

‘Together the muses defy traditional beauty standards,’ says Fus-Mickiewicz. ‘They speak to my interest in extreme identities, and how they inspire and push mainstream audiences to question their own racial, sexual, and psychological make-up.’

With talent from TREMORS roster of artists and musicians, toy-like avatar versions of these muses were rendered to life in virtual worlds, where collaborators were free to dream beyond physical or logical constraints.

‘These spaces speak to Walter van Beirendonck’s interest in utopias — the need to dream in order to not only escape reality, but to challenge it. In doing so, they ask us to break free from the mind-forged chains of convention we weigh ourselves down with day to day.’

FBF x WVB toy sunglasses eye
brutal love


Maria Forqué — @maria7orque

Jennifer Mehigan — @jennifermehigan

Flora Yin-Wong — @floraytw

BRUTAL LOVE — performance artist Maria Forqué uses her body as a tool to explore feminine vulnerability. Here, taking inspiration from L'Origine du monde by Gustav Courbet, artist Jennifer Mehigan, has placed Forqué in a jarring landscape designed to subvert the straight gaze, with a dissonant soundtrack created by PAN records producer Flora Yin-Wong.

FBF x WVB toy sunglasses eye
total liquidity


Salvia — @sadsalvia

Ines Alpha — @ines.alpha

Panteros666 — @panteros666

TOTAL LIQUIDITY — Salvia consistently alters herself beyond recognition to create beautifully alien personas that put ‘natural beauty’ advocates to shame. Using several of Salvia’s looks, Team Hyperalliance, made up of artist Ines Alpha and producer Panteros666, created a high energy video that pushes identity as a fluid concept.

FBF x WVB toy sunglasses eye
self destruction


Liza Keane — @ihatelizakeane

Claudia Maté — @claudiamate

Soda Plains — @sodaplains

SELF DESTRUCTION — Liza Keane is a fashion designer and performance artist who dwells within London’s hedonistic underground club scene. Her penchant for self destruction is embodied in a film by Claudia Maté, where she smashes a Chucky-like doll version of herself to release her demon spirit to an off-kilter lullaby by Soda Plains.